Are You Ready (and Willing) For God to Heal Your Heart?

Whether we want to admit or not, we’re all broken.  (Tor-Sven Berge via Flickr)

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all need it.

NOTE: This is  guest post from my friend, Mark DeJesus. He and his wife host a weekly online show called Transformed You and he writes at His articles have been featured on sites like

By Mark DeJesus

When it comes to our transformational journey, we often miss getting to the root issue. We become so focused on symptoms that we miss the core issue that is fueling our dysfunctional and sinful manifestations. We’re asking God to heal us and set us free, yet we are narrowed in on the branches of the weeds that we neglect to see the root system.

We can become so focused on:

  • I have a thought pattern I can’t shake.
  • I am addicted and can’t stop.
  • My marriage is on the rocks.
  • I think I might be depressed.
  • I need to get over this anxiety.
  • My life feels out of control.
  • I’m burned out.

Yet we can miss a key issue that is lying below so many of the issues that we struggle with in life.

You Have a Broken Heart

Meanwhile, the greatest problem is . . . you have a broken heart.

We are broken people living in a broken world, attempting to live meaningful lives. But we are often so unaware of how our brokenness effects us. In addition, we’re so scared of letting our vulnerabilities show. Life and the enemy have trained us to hide our brokenness at all costs. Meanwhile, the brokenness is festering and hurting our relational world.

The thing about brokenness is that we all have it.

If we would all just admit that we are all broken to some degree, then we would have a lot more real connections, we would waste less time in relationships playing games and we’d move into more honest transformation.

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