How You Can Love Others Like Never Before

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Let the Holy Spirit guide your conversations (Getty Images).

After reading this book, the Holy Spirit will convict and penetrate your heart. You may never be the same.

Shawn A. Akers

I recently finished reading The Seven Mountain Renaissance by Johnny Enlow, an updated version of his first two books of that genre, The Seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle.

While the entire book has done nothing short of change my un-Christlike attitude about certain elements of our somewhat ungodly culture, one particular story made me take a detailed heart inventory. I mean, Enlow really nailed it.

When speaking to a friend about a chance meeting the friend had with a young man in a hotel business center. After some dialogue, the friend, a high-ranking politician from another nation, discovered the man he was speaking to was gay, and the young man discovered Enlow’s friend was attending a Christian Conference in the hotel. The young man spoke up, asking, “You all (Christians) pretty much hate us, don’t you?”

After assuring the young man that he didn’t hate him, that he loved him as a brother, he story went on: “The young man pressed him with various questions, looking for the rejection that he was expecting—but my friend refused to give him any answers that could be perceived as rejection. Finally, the young man said, ‘But sir, at the end of the day, do you actually believe that homosexual sex is wrong?’ My friend was finally faced with a direct question that was seemingly going to lead to answer that would communicate a lack of acceptance to this young man, yet he beautifully yielded to the Holy Spirit and responded, ‘Well, you tell me about your experience. How do you feel after you have sex with a man?’ The young man paused and then softly said, ‘I feel bad. We all feel bad. We all know it’s wrong.’ This ultimately led to a sweet time of prayer. As the young man wept, my friend was able to lead him into a relationship with Jesus.”

“The young man spoke up, asking, ‘You all (Christians) pretty much hate us, don’t you?’”

Do you see what transpired there? The young man continually pressed in because he felt as if he would be ultimately rejected. The friend, like most Christians, originally thought the need was for him to convince homosexuals that what they were doing was wrong. Homosexuals don’t need to hear that. They’ve already been beaten down by Christians enough about that subject, don’t you think?

Enlow’s friend, however, let the Holy Spirit lead the conversation. “He suddenly realized that when he brought unconditional love and acceptance to the young man, it gave the Holy Spirit access to him—and the Holy Spirit is the only One who can properly convict us of our sin, setting us free from its effects without shaming us,” Enlow wrote.

Enlow continued, “If we are going to learn the same lesson, we must let go of the fear of appearing to condone or approve of sin. God knows you well enough to know your heart, even if others may not. … Just because you unconditionally love and accept those who are gay or lesbian doesn’t mean you are giving them permission to sin. It means you realize your responsibility and privilege is to love them and have a friendship with them, allowing them access to the God of love and to the love of God that is in you. Without it, how can they ever have an opportunity to be free and whole?”

Imagine someone asking you the question, “You Christians pretty much hate us, don’t you?” That alone should break your heart, for someone to believe Christians have hatred inside them—even though it’s true in some cases. It shows an element of mistrust, which in many cases, is deserved.

Remember, God is no respecter of persons. Adultery and fornication, and viewing pornography are equal to homosexual acts, and those believers who commit such acts are no less sinners than the homosexual. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23, MEV).

“We simply need to find a way to show the homosexual grace and mercy, and then let the Holy Spirit do its job in convicting that person or persons of their sin—just like we need to allow the Holy Spirit to convict us of our own sin.”

Three years ago, I wrote this article for It contains a good message, but even I have come to grow and take on a much more Christ-like attitude. Part two of that series of articles can be found here.

We simply need to find a way to show the homosexual grace and mercy, and then let the Holy Spirit do its job in convicting that person or persons of their sin—just like we need to allow the Holy Spirit to convict us of our own sin. Keep that in mind when you’re speaking out against gays.

I would encourage you to read The Seven Mountain Renaissance. The Mountain of Family alone is enough to capture your attention, and Enlow keenly addresses the subject of whether homosexuals can be Christians. You might be surprised at his answer. I never agreed with it before, but after much prayer and soul searching, I do now.

Enlow’s series of books are based on seven mountains in our culture God wants His children to scale: Religion, education, family, government, economy, media and celebration/arts. The issue of homosexuality is contained with the Mountain of Family.

So, if you’re tempted to condemn homosexuals instead of love them—like Jesus would do—Enlow issues this warning: “Stay off the Mountain of family if you’re there just to be the Pharisee who knows the rules and points them out.” He says, “[God] cares for His sons and daughters even more than he cares for the moral fiber of society. Yes, His ways are the best ways, but among those best ways is His mercy clause, which will always trump our sin and brokenness, if we let it.”

I will write more about The Seven Mountain Renaissance soon. Again, please find a copy of this and read it and be open to the spirit-filled teaching contained therein. Let the Holy Spirit convict and penetrate your heart to love people like you’ve never loved them before.

And, remember to do something to rise up higher in your calling today.

Step Out of the Boat is a ministry created by Charisma Media Content Development Editor Shawn A. Akers and dedicated to help Christ followers to become spiritual champions and come to a more intimate relationship with Jesus. With its articles, podcasts and other forms of media, Step Out of the Boat encourages Christ followers to daily reach to a higher level in their calling. Shawn is a 35-year veteran sportswriter, a published poet and he published a story about Dale Earnhardt in NASCAR Chicken Soup for the Soul. You can read his blog here. You can also listen to his podcasts, the Javelin Sports Show, on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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