Quote of the Day: Daniel K. Norris

We must tear down the walls that separate God’s people. (Flickr)

Imagine the possibilities when all of God’s people in a community take down every wall that divides them and walk together in unity. Imagine the shift that will take place within your city when churches stand together united in a common cause with a common voice.” — Revivalist and Author Daniel K. Norris, a true son of the Brownsville Revival


One comment

  1. What would the world look like if one day every man, woman and child is able to Love one and another with unconditional Love ?

    With a selfless Love which never gives up, never loses faith, always hopeful and endures every circumstance, every space and every time

    What would become then, of us, our family, our friends, our nation and the world ?

    Good News ! =D

    The Kingdom of God is now near !

    Heaven, the Kingdom of Love will be established here on earth !

    The darkness of this world will be overcome by Light of the God’s Love !

    Let all of us turn away from our sins and run back to God !

    King Jesus Loves you

    have a blessed week ahead



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