Say it isn’t So: Now We’re Attacking the American Flag?

Now we’re attacking Old Glory? (Flickr)

I’m going to file this one under, “You’ve got to be joking, right?”

I’ve just read a story by Todd Starnes titled, “Professors: US Flag Symbolizes Racism, Should Not Be Displayed on Campus.” Racism? The American flag? Wow.

I get all the hubbub about the Confederate flag. I am in agreement that flag symbolizes racism and continued backward thinking. It should not be displayed in public anywhere, in my opinion.

But Old Glory? This is too much. Way too much.

Wait until Donald Trump gets hold of this one. Let’s get ready to rrrruuuummmbbbbble!

Starnes’ article says that “a group of university professors has signed a letter showing their solidarity with students who tired to ban the American flag at the University of California-Irvine—because they Old Glory contributes to racism.”

The letter reads, “U.S. nationalism often contributes to racism and xenophobia, and that paraphernalia of nationalism is in face often used to intimidate.” On March 3, Starnes reports, the U.C. Irvine student government association voted 6-4-2 to remove Old Glory from a campus lobby for the sake of cultural inclusivity. They say the American flag is used for intimidation.

Cultural inclusivity? Is this one of the same campuses that is heavily practicing anti-Semitism against the Jewish people? Or, are we simply talking about one specific race of people here?

I’m with Todd Starnes. He writes, “I’m old school. Where I come from, you salute Old Glory, you don’t toss in a closet. … Here’s how it should work—you ban the flag, we ban your student loans.”

Sounds like a fair deal to me. And as I always like to say, “there is that.”



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