The Journey to Hearing God’s Thoughts

We need to remove the pressure from ourselves to hear God perfectly. (Getty Images)

God’s thoughts ought to produce more love, grace, transformation and fruitful relationships.

Note: This is a guest post from my good friend, Mark DeJesus. His blogs really get to the heart of your life and your relationship with God. Please check it out, and check out his blog at

By Mark DeJesus

The subject of hearing thoughts from God can be an incredibly powerful learning experience. Yet there can also be many concerns when it comes to the subject of receiving thoughts from God, hearing from God or being led by God.

Many destructive choices can stem from someone saying they were directed by God and we have witnessed many people slide into mental health struggles while continuing to credit God with everything they did.

It is our heart to encourage and equip people to hear from God, but to also process it out in a healthy way. God’s thoughts ought to produce more love, grace, transformation and fruitful relationships. If not, we can end up saying we are hearing from God, when in reality, we may be open to deceptive thought system.

You Were Made to Receive God Thoughts

The good news is that you can receive a thought from God and the adventure can be amazing! Yet the cry of so many is that they struggle to receive thoughts from God, sense His voice or walk with an ongoing connection to His love.

Well take a deep breath. It’s OK, because nobody hears from God perfectly! We are in a process and journey of learning what it means to gain clarity, while giving ourselves permission to grow each day. Melissa and I want to cut through the religious facades that people put on and the super-spiritual capes that get presented and be more vulnerable with the fact that we are learning.

We need to remove the pressure to hear God perfectly and allow our relationships to grow together in mutual honor of what God may be saying and doing in each of our lives.

But what are some healthy habits so that we can hear God thoughts in a better way? How can I make this journey more fruitful? How can I protect myself from thoughts that will lead me into dangerous territory?

In this episode, we want to do just that by sharing 3 healthy and helpful habits that will strengthen your thought life.

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Mark DeJesus has served as an experienced communicator since the 1990s. As a teacher, author, coach and radio host, Mark is deeply passionate about awakening hearts and equipping people towards transformational living. Through his own personal transformation, Mark is experienced in helping people overcome and live fruitful lives. He is the author of 5 books and hundreds of teachings. He hosts a weekly radio podcast show called Transformed You and blogs at His writings have been featured on sites like

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