Have We Created a ‘Knockoff Jesus?’

If we don’t reveal Jesus’ truth, what are we doing? (Lightstock) 

It’s a subtle, key element that draws believers into idolatry.

Read the words of author and evangelist John Bevere. If we as believers don’t take this to heart, then what are we doing to reveal the truth to this lost society?

“I believe we have found certain instructions in the New Testament that appeal to us. We have proclaimed that we are saved by grace through faith, and we cannot earn this grace because it is God’s favor. We have stressed loving one another, enjoying life, serving one another singing new songs of praise and worship, being relevant executing good leadership and creating healthy community. We proclaim all of this with fervent passion. These are all good practices and all are supported by the New Testament.”

But …  

“Can we solely focus on the aspect of Jesus’ words that don’t collide with our society’s established standards and perversions? Can we create a Jesus that doesn’t confront the ungodly ways of our culture? Can we avoid addressing what He hates, and only proclaim his words that society deems admirable? Can we widen the road and gate that leads to life?”– Best-selling author John Bevere, from his book Killing Kryptonite

I sincerely recommend picking up a copy of this book. It’s incredible.



  1. This is an important reminder. For all things a season, in all things balance. I don’t know anyone who left church because there was too much grace – we definitely need more grace and love, peace and unity in our churches. I know hundreds of people who have left because of too much judgement, too much division, too much strife, an obvious lack of grace and love among Christians.
    But… focusing too much in one area can swing the pendulum the other way too far. As we encourage Christians to be more loving, caring, forgiving, understanding, united – we must also make sure they don’t sacrifice the things that make us His.


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