Silencing the Christian Voice – Wake Up, It’s Happening

BlacklistedIt’s no conspiracy theory. Don’t simply ignore this.

By Shawn A. Akers

This is not typical of the content I have posted in recent weeks. But please, bare with me.

Thursday I posted a story about how social media venues are quietly attempting to eliminate the Christian voice from American society. I likened it to the 1980s pop hit “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics. At the time the song was released, the song seemed far fetched, but now it’s beginning to look like prophecy.

This morning I ran across an article on CBN News that basically told the same story, only in more detail. The article, titled “How the Giant Tech Cabal Shadow-Bans, Censors and Snuffs Out Your Christian Voice” is more than simply a conspiracy theory. Don’t delude yourself into thinking it’s just another ridiculous article trying to scare Christians and get clicks. It came from a gospel-spreading company, and it is not a haphazard read.

Censorship is happening, and it’s reality. I know firsthand; I work for a Christian media company, and the facts are mind-boggling when you look at Google analytics. Our numbers are not nearly what they used to be, and it’s not because our audience has decided the content my company puts out is not worth reading anymore. The amount of views we receive through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have reduced drastically over the past few years.

Lorie Johnson of CBN News writes:

“James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, who went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood abuses, told CBN News he has new undercover videos, this time exposing how social media companies regulate content.

‘I think it’s very scary for our society. They’re rewiring the DNA of our democracy, censoring ideas because they don’t like the ideas. It’s Orwellian, like something out of A Brave New World.’

“One of the videos shows Pranay Singh, a direct messaging engineer at Twitter, describing how company employees identify hot-button language in tweets and then write algorithms to delete them and others like them. ”

Johnson’s article revealed that, “in addition to suppressing Christian content, former Facebook employees revealed they were instructed to bury conservative content, and regularly did so, such as stories from the Republican CPAC meeting and pieces about Republican leaders such as Mitt Romney and Rand Paul despite knowing the stories would be of interest to its users.”

Check out this article from Get the picture? Don’t kid yourself. The “Deep State” that liberals say is a myth exists, without question.

Watch this very revealing video from YouTube:

Your privileges, nay, your rights, as an American citizen are eroding in front of your eyes. But what can you do?

Do your homework. Stay informed. Don’t simply ignore this. Please share this blog with your social media followers (if it doesn’t get censored!). I challenge you to let people in your inner circles in on the real story of what’s going on in this country.

Perhaps some day someone will come up with a Christian/conservative answer to Facebook and Twitter where the devil doesn’t rule and vitriol isn’t spewed regularly like an oil gusher in the Texas panhandle.  And, where the gospel can be spread to those who are hungry for it and need it desperately.

Remember to do something today to rise up higher in your calling for Christ.

Step Out of the Boat is a ministry created by Charisma Media Content Development Editor Shawn A. Akers and dedicated to help Christ followers to become spiritual champions and come to a more intimate relationship with Jesus. With its articles, podcasts and other forms of media, Step Out of the Boat encourages Christ followers to daily reach to a higher level in their calling. Shawn is a 35-year veteran sportswriter, a published poet and he published a story about Dale Earnhardt in NASCAR Chicken Soup for the Soul. You can read his blog here. You can also listen to his podcasts, the Javelin Sports Show, on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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