Lessons Learned From ‘Leaving it at God’s Feet’

God wants you to give your life’s concerns to him and leave them with Him. Don’t take them back and try to figure it out on your own. (Flickr)

Note: Here is another email I received just this morning concerning an article I wrote four years ago for Charismamag.com titled, “Infertility: Leave it all at God’s Feet.” It’s amazing that I’m still receiving emails about this, but that’s God at work and I hope this article can continue to bless people for years to come. Please read both the email and the article. I would love to hear from you about what you think at shawn.akers@charismamedia.com. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Hi Shawn

I have just read your article on your battle with infertility and, while that is not a battle my wife and I have faced, I certainly have been able to take huge encouragement out of it in light of my battles in business.  As much as I don’t necessarily identify with your struggles for a child, I totally identify with the feeling of utter helplessness and inability to do something that so many others seem to accomplish so easily.  I lost my house and business in 2008 and since then have been unable to get back on my feet financially.  If it hadn’t been for the help of my mother, I shudder to think where my family and I would be!  I also know only too well the frustration and anger when being questioned by admittedly very well-meaning people and I certainly can identify with giving your problem and taking it back again.  Last year God started opening the door to me to get involved in commodity brokering, almost exclusively within the agricultural sector and when the calls started, my first thought was “breakthrough has come!” Now, a year later, I am still getting new inquiries every day for commodities and I am still waiting for deals to close. I know this is something God has opened up for me, it is something I absolutely love doing and cannot wait for each day to start but it is so hard to give these deals to God and leave it with him. Thank you though, for what you have written because it is so encouraging.


Richard Johnson

Here is my response to Richard:

Thank you so much for the kind words. It is very much appreciated. My wife and I are going through something similar right now. She lost her job about four months ago, and it’s been a struggle financially. We do have some money put away in a 401K, but we never believed that we would have to dig into it. It’s been very trying on us, and it has tested our faith once again. We know that God will come through as He always does, it’s just that, as you know, the wait can sometimes be very excruciating. It’s difficult to wait on God and His timing, but we know we must go through this valley to be able to testify to His goodness when we get to the other side. And make no mistake, that will happen because His Word says He came to give us life and life more abundant. And, He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. We always take heart in that.
If you would, please go to my Facebook page, Step Out of Boat, and like it and follow it, and to my website. The links are below. And please share it if it blesses you. Thank you again so much for your kind words, and we will pray that God continues to give you His divine favor and bless you in everything you do in your business and with your family. All of God’s blessings to you, Richard.

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