Quote of the Day – January 26, 2017

Receive this prophetic word from my friend Jennifer LeClaire. You will be blessed:

“You might not see the fruit that you want to see now, says the Lord, but you will see it. Do not give up and do not grow weary in well doing because in due season—in the kairos time—in the perfect moment, you will reap a harvest if you do not faint.

“You will see that peace in your life. You will see that joy in your life. You will see that compassion in your life. I am pulling out weeds that are in your heart even now. I am rooting them out even now, says the Lord, and you will see that as I water your soul with My Word and as you meditate on things I’ve said to you in past seasons, you are going to begin to see the manifest, says the Lord, because you are coming into that place, you have cultivated your heart.” — Jennifer LeClaire

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