Why You May Have a Broken Heart and Not be Aware of It

Your heart may be broken and you may not even know it. (Mio Miranda via Flickr)

This article will bless you and could help heal years of brokenness and misunderstanding.

NOTE: This is a guest post from my friend, author and evangelist Mark DeJesus. For the entire article, please visit markdejesus.com.

By Mark DeJesus

Too many don’t even realize or think they have a broken heart. People have been suppressing pain and emptiness for generations.  We revert to busy lives and focus on productivity, while we have no idea of how our hearts are doing.

Meanwhile, billions of people are ignoring the fact that they have a broken heart. What makes matters worse is that we are not talking about the life of the heart enough to recognize broken areas.

The Symptoms of a Broken Heart

Many people are experiencing symptoms of a broken heart:

  • Depression, unhealed discouragement, mood issues
  • Chronic anxiety, panic attacks
  • Numbing out, isolating, cynicism
  • Vulnerability to addictions
  • Constant busyness and performance based living
  • Confusion, double mindedness and scattered living
  • A burned out stress response, burnout

The list can go on and on.

In fact, medical health professionals give legitimacy to how carrying a broken heartcan actually impact your cardiovascular system, mental health and even muscle failure.

Quite often, people go to the emergency room, thinking they are having a heart attack. When in reality, they are experiencing anxiety, stemming back to a broken heart that has not been addressed and healed.

The life of the heart will affect you, no matter what you try to do to hide it. So it is critical that we stop shoving the issues of life down and allow the Father to really do some productive work in our hearts.

Moving Past Denial

Most people do not think they have a broken heart. They shrug their shoulders in denial and brush off any need to address life experiences. We can often say “the past is the past” more in a protective form of denial than a fruitful belief.

The past is the past when we have allowed ourselves to process it in a healthy manner.

Others don’t think heart healing is necessary. They can stack Scriptures or cliche statements to cover over any need to deal with their brokenness. Yet it still oozes out into their relationship field.

The problem is that we typically don’t deal with brokenness until the crap hits the fan and crisis appears. At this point, the crisis is often revealing years of neglect to issues of the broken heart.

Broken Heart Awareness

It’s only been in recent years that believers are beginning to understand the need to experience heart healing to the spiritual and emotional aspects of their life. More and more people are recognizing they have a broken heart and are allowing God to walk them through a productive healing journey.

Mark DeJesus has served as an experienced communicator since the 1990s. As a teacher, author, transformational consultant and radio host, Mark is deeply passionate about awakening hearts and equipping people towards personal transformation. He is gifted in helping people address the core issues that become limitations to their God given identity and destiny. He is the author of numerous books and hundreds of teachings. Mark and his wife host a weekly online show called Transformed You and he writes at markdejesus.com. His articles have been featured on sites like CharismaMag.com.


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