Lord, Why Am I Here?



God doesn’t want you stuck and miserable.

Note: This post is a video from my friend, Kyle Winkler. If you’ve ever felt like you’re going nowhere, or simply stuck in a rut, Kyle tells you how God can deliver you.

Being stuck where you’d rather not be is a real attitude and faith tester. But here’s a lesson that just might help you see a silver lining in any waiting season.

KYLE WINKLER is impassioned to see people radically transformed by the presence and power of God to live in the victory of Jesus—every day. Kyle Winkler Ministries is a Christian ministry that provides teaching and resources that equip people to live in victory. Explore our website to learn more about the ministry and find helpful tools to strengthen your faith journey and share it with others. For more of his teachings, visit kylewinkler.org.


    • Thank you, John. Kyle’s a friend of mine and he has a book titled “Activating the Power of God’s Word.” It’s great reading and it’s powerful to apply to your life!


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